• Electric gas, and diesel pumps; pumping solutions for any applications​
  • Underground pipe and wire installation
  • Chemical fertilizer injection packages for center pivots
  • Oilfield fittings and water transfer supplies; custom made fittings, manifolds, hoses, pumps and more
  • 20+ Sime Sprinklers to choose from

In addition, in 2002, Knutson Irrigation developed a turbine-driven traveling sprinkler that operates using almost any water source; we call it the Micro Rain Traveling Sprinkler System.  The Micro Rain line features a broad range of sizes to accommodate a variety of settings for portable irrigation.  Micro Rain systems are created with components from expert manufacturers throughout the world. The systems are assembled with precision, water-tested and packaged for shipping at our facility.
Moreover, in 2008, Knutson Irrigation establish an online store for the average person to find commercial grade sprinkler heads, pumps, and accessories not available in local stores; Bigsprinkler.com.  Bigsprinkler.com features wheeled sprinkler carts which are an affordable solution for irrigating areas such as gardens, yards, playgrounds, sports fields, horse riding arenas, and much more!  Booster pumps and pre-made hose kits are also available so you can create your own irrigation system in minutes.
​ Please contact us when considering the purchase of an irrigation products. Our friendly, trained staff is waiting to provide you with information to help you select a product to match your watering needs!

About Us

Knutson Irrigation is a complete Valley Irrigation performance plus dealer for sales, service, and installation based in Yukon, OK.  Since its inception in 1981, Knutson Irrigation has been a distributor of unique irrigation, turf, and hobby farm maintenance products.  Our goal is to offer customers the most dependable, convenient irrigation products while providing unparalleled customer service. To further our goal, we provide ANYTHING in IRRIGATION including, but not limited to the following: